Meet Ullevaal

– One of Norway’s largest meeting- and conference centers

Meet Ullevaal is one of Norway’s largest meeting- and conference centers. We are located at Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo, with easy access. Public transport is just nearby, and you have a short distance to Oslo city center. The subway uses 9 minutes from downtown. The airport shuttle is right outside every 20 minutes, and we have 600 parking spaces in the hotel’s lower floor.

At Meet Ullevaal, we have a long time experience with conferences and bigger events. We know how to organize everything, and we are ready to offer you the framework you need to achieve the best possible experience. Our professional hosts will also take care of you throughout your stay.

Currently, we have a total of 37 meeting rooms. We have rooms to suit all occasions, from small meetings to press conferences and big events, like exhibitions and fairs. In the Meet Conference Hall we can welcome up to 720 guests.

Meet Ullevaal is a top modern and high tech conference center. In 2023 we unveiled two completely renovated rooms suitable for between 30 and 50 guests. All the equipment we have is of the best quality, and our technician will be available for you.

We know that the food is important to our guests. Therefore, our chefs offers an abundant breakfast and lunch buffet, as well as small meals and snack throughout the day and dinner in the evening. The food is made in cooperation wiht the Furset Group.

If you need to stay the night, Meet Ullevaal collaborate with the Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion. The conference hotel is located next to Meet Ullevaal, and has 144 rooms.

Food and beverages

Fursetgruppen, the most famous and known restaurantgroup in Oslo, prepares and serves all food and beverages at Ullevaal Stadion.


Meet works in close collaboration with Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion


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